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Katerina Athanasiou, was born in Athens, where she lives and works as an artist. She has been teaching at the Athens School of Fine Arts since 1999 (Department of Sculpture)

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Areas of research and interest

She creates site-specific installations and she experiments with various media in sculpture, drawings, photography, video and sound projects, performances and computer live broadcast installations. Her artistic practice examines the relationship between the artwork and urban space, the notion of the ephemeral, and the interrelation between movement, material and sound. Currently her work investigates the personal and social implications of loss. Relationships lingering between the appetite for life and the frenzy of death. In 2011 she created a platform by the name "City Travellers", a collective discussion about art and philosophy in Athens. She has been the main coordinator of many open projects about sculpture and the ephemeral in various venues in the city.

Most of the projects, from 2007 on, are in situ installations – performances, and take place with the cooperation and support of persons and venues who appreciate collective efforts.
From 2006 until today she has curated art presentations in independent venues or abandoned places, which served as workshops (in situ) of the projects presented.
She has participated in the first Biennale of Athens and invited other art groups in the context of the Biennale. She has participated in several conferences, lectures and political discussions. In the last seven years she has been politically active in support of the Greek music and artistic schools.
She has worked mainly on the basis of independent experimental partnerships. She has a strong interest for works published in the social media as an area that can combine everything regarding a performance (attribution-rendition).



at the art School of Fine Arts, Section for the Theory and History of Art. In the context of the course "Sociology of Art II" there was a roundtable discussion on: “Facets of artistic activities in contemporary art: Traces and intangible residues” on Monday, June 10, 2013, at 5:30 p.m. participating Katerina Athanasiou (Tenured Instructor – EEDIP, Section for Visual Arts – ASFA), Silvia Solidaki (Graduate, Section for Theory and History of Art – ASFA),  Vana Veriopoulou (PhD Student, Department of Theory and History of Art (ASFA & Université Paris VIII)

Academaic ideas & projects
for the cooperation of the Department of Sculpture of the ASFA and the Agricultural University of Athens regarding the topic “Development of academic cooperation in educational and research fields, as well as in fields of eventual mutual interest”. 6 -8 students coming from the cooperating Universities will work for 3 months on the basis of a common program in the Garden of the Agricultural University, where they will collect material on a topic of their choice using whichever medium they desire, photography or drawing. The work resulting will be exhibited at the Agricultural University, curated by Katerina Athanasiou, Tenured Instructor of the ASFA. The proposal was discussed and accepted by the Director of the Agricultural Museum Mr Konstantinos Louloudis and Mrs Maria Papafotiou, Assistant Professor for the Laboratory of Floriculture and Landscape Architecture, Dpt of Vegetable Production Science, Agricultural University of Athens. It was proposed that the project be sponsored by the Latsis Foundation. This has been turned down and the project remains unrealized until sponsoring is ensured.

Participation in two courses of the Postgraduate Master Program of the Panteion University for Social and Political Science, Department of Political Science and History (Postgraduate Studies Program on Political Philosophy and Social Theory) regarding hermeneutical commentaries on the structure of the work The Ambassadors by Hans Holbein the Younger.

24 /10 / 2013 - 2014/ then the emission of City travelers from Thursday, October 24 17.00 - 19.00 p.m. in Beton7artradio and every second Thursday with: Katerina Athanasiou, Antonio Lakides and Yannis Ioannidis translator and scholar of ¨ Situationist International ¨.  An artistic movement in space stands together in Europe the ΄60 made the primarily theoretical and practical development of statuses¨.  Set up by theoretical artists, architects, politicians and others. The aim was to implement the promises made of fine arts in everyday life. Their ideas are disseminated and found resonance in the world today. Request  ¨ life to become as¨.  A labyrinthine being the important of ¨status¨, the event.

26/ 09 - 27/10 / metamatic:taf / Presentation performance  titled  ¨kinking¨ under participation of group City travellers to report ¨A (New) Athens state of mind¨ Athens.


24/10 / 2012 - 13 / then the emission of City Travelers in Beton7artradio and every second Thursday with them: Katerina Athanasiou, Antonis Lakides and Panagiotis Papadopoulos, philosopher in a debate while rotating the modernism concludes in search of concept ¨aesthetical effect of politics¨.

Three Presentations art performances during the year. The one on the square Soothed Heraklion (street) supported by the gallery Grigoriades.

Tour discussion here "consists free zone" for the period of Fascism and the aesthetical effect of politics. Interactive live broadcasting and emphasis on the concept of "direct transmission¨


19-20 January Conference: 'Against All Odds' Project Ethics/aesthetics

15 February. Lecture greeting, at the general meeting of the association of hospital Salvation which supported financially and morally "rescue plan".

26 February. Organizing music event 4 music schools and the 1art in Attica contribution of roads Areopagitou Street and Mr. Anthony MAKRIYANNIS - free turnout ... "Children singing on the road"

Two presentations art performances during the year. Details:

21 January. Performance.  Workouts improvisation of Dypon – Dipon action, incorporating the move, voices and speech in this expression. The training was held at the Museum Heraklides. Watch the report entitled: "The Complete Collection sculpture of Edgar Degas".  The Thursday, January 21 at 8 in the afternoon.

12 February - 27 March. Report projects inspired by the tests of actors in the lobby "Anoixis Theater" presented by 12 February - 27 March the subversive comedy “SAN PSEFTIKO” directed by Yiannis Margaritis.

4 - 21 March. OSIDORI. Simple individual gestures for the happiness and the sadness. The old mediaeval potter's shop,  "Piraeus 1911 ".  The video installation captures the impressions of artist  Mr A. - giving impetus to the development of the myth, through the display of that talk with the choreography of Nelli Poulopoulou. Interaction.

April 7. Aris Tsimogiannis / Tritsi Park. Working with a group of students at a landscape art planning.

May 12. Projects for an interaction with a panel of teachers, organized by Petros Batsiaris on the topic "Igloo". Two days’ collective work and discussion.
June 18. “Sotiria” Project:  opening day at the “Sotiria” hospital for pulmonary diseases.
June 21. Organizing a music event for the pupils of music schools on Monastiraki sq., Athens.
June 30. Participation in a collective exhibition in Serbia. 
June 30. Lecture in Berlin “Light in Hellenic mythology”. Berlin Weißensee School of Art, Buehringstrasse 20, 13086 Berlin.
July 16. Βooze Cooperativa’s opening. Performance.
July 20. Performance in the “Sotiria” hospital.
July 21. “Osidori” in Elefsina.
September 22. Lecture regarding the performance in the “Sotiria” hospital.
October 6. Presentation - performance: "A supposed dream grows by the river" in the “Sotiria” hospital. Filming an interview with Lucia Rikaki., 


“Osidori – Mandarin Ducks”: a performance inspired by Lafkadio Hearn’s life and work.  The performance was a composition of theatre, dance, visual representation and installation, as well as live music. Visual representation by Katerina Athanasiou and exhibition of her drawings in the show. During the rehearsals and the performance the artist has drawn the action on stage. She becomes in the end an integral part of the action, since she is the shadow in a place full of light and stands for the eternal observer, spectator, recipient, who penetrates the codification and registration of what is happening in the way it finally settles down in her unconscious, who illuminates the show when lights go out, in order to feel what she cannot combine on paper, in a continuous interdependence with the actor-dancer. Director – choreographer: Nelli Poulopoulou, Emilia Bouriti. Acting: Nelli Poulopoulou. Music by Marios Tsagaris, Tasos Fotiou.
Dypon-Dipon group. Visual arts performance.1st presentation on Monday, May 20, BIOS Café, 84, Peiraios st. 2nd presentation: Thursday, May 21, Art-Athina Exhibition, Taekwondo Hall, Phaleron.
Exhibition organized by entitled “Turbulent Times”, Athens
“The 7 mortal sins”. Exhibition organized by “Booze Cooperativa”, Athens
July 6. Interview for digital NET TV-channel.
September 27, 28. Delphi / bus – Indirect democracy / Rea Strigari
October, November, December. Drawing sketches for the rehearsals at the “Anoixis” Theatre every second day. The drawings were exhibited at the theatre’s lobby.
November. Coordination of a group of students from Mr Psychopaidis’ Lab, with the cooperation of Mr Skaltsas, in order to create graffiti at the entrance of the “Anoixis” Theatre.
December 11. Performance. She stood for half an hour on Monastiraki Sq., motionless and silent, with a suitcase in her hand, listening to the conversations of meeting people.

8th International Visual Arts Festival: “Action field Kodra 08”, “A4” Project (Curator: Artemis Potamianou). Kalamaria, Thessaloniki
September. “6+2 Versions of Sculpture on Metal” at the “Kaplanon 5” Gallery
November. Participating in the exhibition organized by the Communist Party of Greece in Athens Technopolis (Gazi), for the celebration of 90 years history of the old Gas factory.
December. Participating in the exhibition organized by the American College on the topic “Silent Dialogs”, at the ACG Art Gallery (Editor: Megaklis Rogakos)
December. Collective exhibition of the works of all teachers of the ASFA under the title “Living means participating” in Nafpaktos, on the occasion of the opening of “The House of Alkyon”, a place where handicapped people can work creatively.
Exhibition of works in the ASFA in the context of the application for the position of a Tenured Instructor (E.E.D.I.P.)

Exhibition at the Athens City Market in Kypseli. A group of artists try to intervene creatively in the revival of the Athens City Market in Kypseli, a building now declared preservable. Contributing to the effort made by the inhabitants of Kypseli and other groups for the preservation and self-management of this place, so that it becomes a cultural and social venue
“Le soudage: Creating the Whole… Against Fundamentalism” Exhibition at “Booze Cooperativa”, Athens
“Where is the Art”. This is an autonomous action participating 40 artists from Athens, who opened their studios to the public. The action was presented and coordinated by Katerina Athanasiou in collaboration with Sarah Ettlinger and Toby Short, as regards the curation process. Various projects taking place in houses, rooms, as well as art interventions on walls, sites, which are sometimes the working places of the participants as well. A multifaceted art project. It highlighted the relation of the public to a work of art exhibited outwards (be it a private or a public space) and the public’s reaction to it, which is different from the conventional reaction produced when the work of art is exhibited in a gallery or in the context of an exhibition. The community reacts pretty differently. It either adopts the work of art or it is not touched by it at all. Parallel activity by the 1sth Athens Biennale “Destroy Athens”, September 10-November 18. The interactive catalogue designed by was intended to be completed in various stages by each user, after completing their visit to each art studio. So each participant was asked to create his/her own seal and a postcard depicting the final form of the exhibited work. Each visitor used the seal and postcard in whichever turn they wished and so completed the catalogue. Each catalogue became in the end a customized object depicting the personal experience of each user. During a whole year the artists of the group “where is the art?” systematically organized meetings in their studios and through open dialog tried to answer to questions, understand each other’s work and create communication channels.

“Sleeping beauty”. Solo exhibition at the “Agathi” Gallery, Athens (catalogue)
Exhibition of her works in the ASFA in the context of applying for the position of Lecturer of Sculpture
“Sculpting sculpture”: in situ creation and exhibition of works at the “Sarantopoulos” Mills, Kaminia, Piraeus.
Exhibition organized by the Association of Greek Sculptors and the Piraeus Prefecture, at the “Apollo” Cultural Center

Participation in the “Olympic Sculpture Trilogy” organized by the Association of Greek Sculptors and the Municipality of Lavrion at the exhibition center “Old Workshop”, in the context of a culture festival greeting the opening of the Olympic Games.

Exhibition organized by the Association of Greek Sculptors and the Municipality of Ios in the City Hall of the island of Ios, in the context of the “Omereia 2003” festival in the Cyclades Prefecture.

Presentation of the thesis for the acquisition of the Interdepartmental Masters Degree in Digital Art Forms in ASFA, Athens
Presentation of a 15’ visual art performance with video projection in the “8 West” art centre, Athens
click to seeone of the videos

“Disappearance”: Video projection in the weekly art emission by Katerina Zacharopoulou “The era of images” in the ET1 Public Television Channel
click to seeeksafanise
Presentation of projects, videos and a 2D animation film on a designed surface, in the context of the events for “Days of Research and Technology” in the National Technical University of Athens

“Arte multi vision. Festival di Arte Multimedia” (Rieti, Italy). Rieti is a town 60km away from Rome, where every summer an impressive multimedia festival is organized, held at theatres, temples, markets, public squares, participating artists from all over Europe, presenting original works and research projects.
“1st Greek Festival on Video Art, Digital Arts and New Technologies in communication”, “Fournos” Theatre, Athens.

“Graduates of 1996”: Exhibition organized by the ASFA, National Gallery, Athens.
“Heineken Art”: exhibition of artists distinguished in the Heineken Competitions, “Melina Merkouri” Culture Centre, Athens

“Spring Collection 96”. DESTE Foundation for Contemporary Art. Cyprus Home, Athens.
“Heineken Art 96”. 1st Prize (3,000 Euro), Athens
Various interviews and presentations in the press, on television, radio and internet.

Solo events         
Short listed Candidate in teaching laboratory courses in ASFA.
Short listed Candidate in teaching laboratory courses in ASFA. /catalogue
Short listed Candidate in Lecturing sculpture in the ASFA. /catalogue

Katerina Athanasiou
mob. O030 6936140629
City Travellers


She graduated from the Department of Sculpture of the Athens School of Fine Arts, (G. Lappas lab) in 1996. In 2001 she obtained the interdisciplinary Master in Digital Arts, granted by the ASFA in collaboration with the National Technical University of Athens.

Preparing a proposal for a PhD Thesis. During the whole year 2013 in collaboration with Mr Pantelis Bassakos, Professor of Philosophy at the Department for Political Science and History at the Panteion University of Political and Social Science, she has started working on an original thesis proposal, which investigates complex concepts of philosophy and the art of performing, the relation of performance art to rhetoric, as well as the way in which the art of performance is constituted or expressed through rhetorical elements. A thesis proposal is about to be officially made on this subject. The project does not follow the trodden path, so there have been difficulties as to its consistency with the traditional field of the fine arts. By the end of January 2014 the procedure for the official proposal of the thesis at the Panteion University will have been completed.

Master in Digital Arts: an interdisciplinary postgraduate course held by the Athens school of fine Arts and the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA).
Her Master Thesis, entitled: “Designing a transformation”, has been filed in the Library of ASFA.
Proposal of an interactive performance via internet, (live broadcast) supervised by Mrs Elpida Giafesta, instructor, researcher at the NTUA on “Intelligence Systems and Modelling” 

Certificate of study in Digital 3D Animation, Photography and Video Editing, advanced  level  

Degree in sculpture, Athens school of fine Arts.
Preparatory course in drawing.

Seminars in modern dance and pantomime.

School of Cinematographic studies: Stavrakos School of Hellenic Cinema and Television - H.C.T.S.S, Athens. Film studies, directing and writing, photography
Design clothing, pattern models clothing (Veloudakis Fashion School)


Scholar of the National Scholarship Foundation (I. K. Y.)


1996:  Heineken Art competition: “Fine arts and cinema” (catalogue)

1993:  First prize in the ASFA competition

ActivitiesAcademic  Career

Tenured Instructor – EEDIP (= Teaching Staff for Univ. Special & Laboratory Courses) at the Department of Fine Arts, Athens School of Fine Arts as a teacher of Sculpture.
1999-2003   Adjunct Lecturer at the Department of Fine Arts, Athens School of Fine Arts

Laboratory work
Exercises on clay (following a model / free program synthesis / classical and modern materials)

Getting familiar with and deepening in art theory and aesthetics.


Subjects of research:

The Headmaster of the Department, Mrs Litti, assigns to her the operation of the Multimedia Sculpture Lab, where students can carry out their ideas in the context of artistic laboratory exercises using digital media and techniques, when necessary. Monitoring and support of all aesthetic and technical issues that arise during the process of producing a video as part of a purely visual artistic structure. Parallel work as laboratory assistant for the course of Sculpture, held by Mr. Tranos

 working on the program of the second Sculpture Lab, which can be so described:
Collection and processing of texts and data relative to the period associated with Modernism, Surrealism and Dadaism
Collecting and photographing images from books for the purposes of a catalogue dedicated to 100 artists of the 20th  and 21st centuries 
Editing, layout and material arrangement in collaboration with Professor G. Lappas.
Lecture by the Professor.

The catalogue comprises the above mentioned photographic material and the texts that are mostly related to sculptors, active in the respective art period which is to be the object of each course. Correlating them with the historical period, as well as other important philosophical, scientific, political, artistic (literature, theater, music, etc) events of the time.

Research concerning theoretical, historical and photographic material.
Portfolio and Biographies concerning sculptors of historical importance
Typesetting and lay out of information material (theoretical texts) for the Sculpture workshops.

“The body in Modern Sculpture”. Case studies concerning the
approach of various famous artists

 “The body in Sculpture. From Antiquity to the Renaissance”. An
overall research of formal development according to the historical
development of societies (accompanied by visual

“Designing a transformation”, Library of the Athens School of Fine

Teaching approaches, such as:

2007     “Bio-morphic repetition in the aesthetics of the chaos theory”
2006     “Düsseldorf school: – Beusch/Tony Cragg, Katharina Fritsch, Thomas
2005     “Liveliness and the artistic process “ subject of teaching
2004     “Form and time in Sculpture”


The Athens School of Fine Arts has six annexes in Delphi, Hydra, Mithimna (Lesvos), Mykonos, Rethymnon (Crete) and Rhodes.
All these annexes have studios and can be used by groups of our undergraduate and postgraduate students.

May. Workshop in the Hydra annex. Preparatory work with drawings and sample models of projects proposed for the participation in the International Symposium “Sites en Ligne” in Belgium

Participation in a workshop in Belgium in the context of “Biennale Land Art Symposium”, in collaboration with the department of sculpture in the Arba-Esa faculty (Académie royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles) and the teachers Prof. Jean Francois Diord, Ass. Prof. Mario Ferretti, optional subject teacher Pierre Dessaer 

14 - 24 August 2009, International Symposium “Sites en ligne”: this is an International Symposium of Sculpture and Land Art taking place every two years in the Ligne forest in Silly, Belgium. Selected artists from all over the world stay there for a week in order to carry out their projects, accommodated in camp tents, cooking in their own collective kitchen and enjoying other such facilities set on a glade near the forest. In the evening concerts make people get to know each other in a friendly atmosphere. In the weekend there is a closing event, where the artists present their work to the public.

17 - 19 July. Visit to Delphi with a group of students from the third laboratory of sculpture and some students and teachers from the department of sculpture of the Arba-Esa faculty (Académie Royale des Beaux Arts de Bruxelles). Stay in the Delphi annex.

20 July - 1 August. This was followed by a workshop in the Rethymno annex. Edition of a list of the works and the final projects of Sculpture students of both schools of Fine Arts - Académie royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles and Athens School of Fine Arts

10 - 14 April. Workshop in the Mykonos annex. Experimental design project and processing the first idea in model, based on the randomness of a given fixing point. The work of Elias Karadimas, from the Department of Computer Engineering at the University of Patras, referred to “the rapid growth of the number of images, which, combined with the inefficiency of recovery systems based on the image content to export semantic features, led to the introduction of humans in the experimental process. A very common and successful way of using the human system of vision is through recording of the eyes’ movements. According to the recording system proposed in this project there is a recording of the fixing points that resulted during the observation of the background images. Texture characters are extracted from these points according to two different methods, the Gabor filters and the Distinctive Cosine Transformation, which result in the formation of multidimensional vectors. These vectors are then compared in pairs through the non-parametric WW test, creating a table of distances. Inserting a given image in the system its texture characters are compared to those of the background, giving an additional dimension to the table of distances. The visual depiction of the relation among all images (including the one requested) takes place on a three-dimensional map through multidimensional escalation (MDS algorithm). These results, coming from the Gabor Filters, are more liable and make feasible the extension of the system by using a larger image database. This project was the reason for this exercise.

July in Rethymno, Crete, assistant instructor in the workshop “Sculpture in stone” for the students of the third Sculpture Lab. 

June. Workshop in the Hydra annexe: “Drawing Approaches/ Study on the Human Body with a model”.

May. Delphi, teaching assistant of G. Houliaras, in the workshop “Forming the pathway around the Acropolis of Athens”, a meeting of the students of the Athens School of the Fine Arts and students of the NTUA School of Architecture            

Visits to universities abroad with the academic exchange program Erasmus:

24 - 28 April. Brussels: Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles.
Participation and exchange of views in a symposium organized by the
Sculpture Department of the Ath Academy, Belgium (de la triennale des
arts et du végétal de Ath (2009).

28-02 July. Berlin: Weißensee School of Art, Berlin.
June 30, 10-12 a.m. Lecture: "A lecture on light", based on
George Grammatikakis’ book The Autobiography of Light


2006 City magazine 210, No 12, p. 47

2006 City magazine 210, No 13, p. 49

1998 Commune di Rieti, IV edizione, September 1998, p. 5

1996  The ART magazine, No 1,   p. 12

1996 The ART magazine, No 24, cover and p. 4
1996 The ART magazine, No 1, p. 12

Some simple references or reviews, 3-4 interviews on TV and radio. References of events via the Internet posts and its emissions. 7-8 catalogues. And some reference in magazines. Impossible to monitor and to settle the detailed rules.


“Talent: a picture is a thousand words” by Babis Dermatis, Iris Kritikou. Hillside Press.

“Designing a transformation”
Presentation of the Postgraduate Thesis and the corresponding artwork: performance, video, photographs, etc., in the context of the interdisciplinary course in Digital Arts at the A.S.F.A. (a course held by the Athens School of Fine Arts and the department of Computer Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens - NTUA).

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